Antibiotic free & growth hormone free. 

We raise our cattle on free range pasture full of grass and legumes. The cows have free access to as much fresh water, required minerals and lush pasture as they want. We do not determine how much they eat or when they eat on a daily basis, this allows the cows to be....cows!

Our rotational grazing practices and close attention to health and wellness results in some of the best grass fed beef around!


We offer grass finished and grain finished beef. Our grain finished beef get a grain supplement to pasture for 60-80 days right before they are sent to the butcher. This adds fat and marbling to the meat.


Our beef sells for $4 per pound of the hanging weight, butcher fees are paid separately and directly to the butcher at time of pick up.


We estimate a half a beef hanging weight to be around 300lbs and a quarter to be around 150lbs.

Ways to Order

Deposit Program

If you would like to make a deposit and reserve your beef we will collect a  non refundable deposit and you can pay the balance in full when the beef goes to the butcher. Butcher fees are paid separately and are paid directly to the butcher at time of pick up.

Layaway Program

McPhee Family Farms is the first farm to offer a layaway program! We have developed a monthly payment plan that allows purchasing bulk beef to be more affordable. You will receive 9 equal invoices via Square from January to September for the program you choose, in September you will have the majority of the cost of your beef paid for. We will send a final invoice in October for the remaining balance. The butcher fees will be due to the butcher at time of pick up.