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How do the animals get from the farm to the butcher?

We have Morgan from Kemper's Mobile Slaughter, come to our farm and humanly dispatch the animals and process them to go the butcher to be further processed. We have used Morgan for years and he is the best of the best in clark county.

By having our livestock slaughtered on the farm, vs shipping them to a facility it results in stress free processing

How much meat will I get from a quarter or a half of beef.

When you purchase your share of a live beef animal from us, we have to sell it to you based on the “hanging weight”, which is the weight of the beef when it arrives at the local butcher shop, just after slaughter.
The butcher will dry age the beef (for between 1-2 weeks), and then cut and wrap the beef according to your cutting instructions. After the butcher removes bones and any extra fat or trim from the dry aging process, the net weight you end up with should be about 65% of the hanging weight. Our goal is to have a 250lb half which should result in163lbs of finish packaged meat. A quarter would end up being 82lbs of finished packaged meat. Results make vary, but these figures should be very close.


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