Our Meat


We raise our cattle on free range pasture full of grass and legumes. The cows have free access to as much fresh water, required minerals and lush pasture as they want. We do not determine how much they eat or when they eat on a daily basis, this allows the cows to be....cows!

Our rotational grazing practices and close attention to health and wellness results in some of the best grass fed beef around!


On our farm we raise Katahdin hair sheep which originate from our home state of Maine, named after Mt. Katahdin. After the lambs are weaned in March they enjoy top quality alfalfa hay and pasture until the sun comes out and the grass begins to grow again. Once the pastures are growing lush green grass again the alfalfa is removed and the lambs enjoy fresh water, necessary loose minerals and all of the lush green pasture that they want. Our lambs are part of our rotational grazing practices which ensure the best finished product possible.


Our pigs, unlike most farms are not only raised on concrete. Our pigs have access to pasture, dirt and mud where pigs can dig a wallow and be pigs! The pigs will graze on pasture but are also supplemented to round out a well balanced diet. Our pigs enjoy garden trimmings, fruits and vegetables from the local market, corn, oats, and brewers grains from the beer making process.


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